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Heat Tape

RaychemPre-assembled Gardian Heat Tape
Raychem Heat Tape
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Gardian preassembled electric heating cables are intended for installation on metal or plastic water pipes for freeze protection in residential and commercial applications. Gardian 120 volt heating cables are available in 6-, 12-, 18-, 24-, 50-, and 100- foot lengths complete with a 30-inch power cord and plug.

Part Number Length You Pay
RAYW516P 6' Pre- Assembled 120 Volt $43.10
RAYW5112P 12' Pre- Assembled 120 Volt $54.57
RAYW5118P 18' Pre-Assembled 120 Volt $68.53
RAYW5124P 24' Pre- Assembled 120 Volt $81.87
RAYW5150P 50' Pre- Assembled 120 Volt $143.63
RAYW51100P 100' Pre- Assembled 120 Volt $259.19

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